7 Special Gift Ideas for Your Partner

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7 Special Gift Ideas for Your Partner

Are you searching for a very special gift for your partner? Here are some of our favorite gift ideas to make the occasion memorable.

Do you ever wonder how and why gift-giving began? There are some researchers who believe that giving gifts is a driver of evolution. Chimpanzees, for example, used food in exchange for grooming and/or sex.

In humans, males who gave more gifts, are believed to have better reproductive success with women. Women who used their giving skills in return helped sustain the family by making pelts and gathering extra food.

Now whether you believe this or not, it's clear that giving a special gift to your partner is an obvious way to show him or her your interest and appreciation. The only problem is, sometimes, we put too much stock on "it's the thought that counts," that we end up picking not-so perfect gifts. 

If you have this problem, don't worry. Here, we're giving you seven gift ideas that your partner is sure to love.

1. Make It Personal

Common advice is to think of your partner's personality when you're picking out a gift. And while it's a good tip, you should also consider how you can show your partner that this is a gift that only you can give. In other words, it has to reflect both his/her personality and yours as well.

If it's a gift that you can give to just anybody or you can picture it being regifted, you should probably give your gift idea brainstorming another go.

2. Something He/She Wants

It's tempting to get your sweetie something he/she needs. And that's okay. For sure, your partner will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

However, if it's something they have to buy anyway whether it's sooner or later, it somehow diminishes the thoughtfulness factor. This is why you should get your special someone, something he/she has been wanting a long time. And if you feel your partner is impossible to buy for, make sure you keep your eyes and ears open so as not to miss important clues.

3. Tech Stuff

Unless your gal/guy shuns technology, tech stuff is almost always a hit as a special gift. And what's great about it is you don't always have to go for the most expensive doodad in the market. Tip: Smart tech items are never a bad idea.

4. Think Everyday with a Twist

Socks? Boring. Pen? Equally ho-hum.

Now, there's nothing wrong with giving functional items. They have a place in our everyday lives. But consider how you can elevate such a gift.

If you're in love with a dapper man, for example, why not give him floral or classic pattern pocket squares? You can also go for boutonnières and colorful printed socks -- great for brightening an otherwise gloomy day.

5. Hobbyist-Approved

What does your partner do on his/her free days? Is he/she into cycling, gardening, gaming, or exercising?

Whatever it is, if it's something that indulges your SO's hobby (or hobbies), you're on the right track.

6. Memory Lane Items

Even if your partner isn't very sentimental, you can't go wrong with a gift idea that has been mined from a shared memory. So take a moment to really think back and go over the moments you've shared as a couple.

You might just find something that holds a lot of meaning for you and your partner.

7. Something Curated

Sometimes, your best bet is an item that has been carefully selected by experts. They've already done the research so you can sit back, relax, and wrap something that your partner will absolutely love.

If you don't have a lot of experience giving gifts or you have a not-so good record with giving fantastic gifts, don't stress yourself out. Let the gurus help you so you and your partner can just enjoy all the good things about gift-giving.

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