How to Choose the Best Toys for Puppies

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How to Choose the Best Toys for Puppies 

Getting a new puppy can feel like being a first-time parent... to a toddler who's capable of chewing everything in your house to pieces!

To keep your sanity and your sofa intact, you need to invest in some puppy toys to keep your furry friend happy and occupied.

However, not all puppy toys are created equal, and the wrong toys may hurt your puppy, break too easily, or simply not interest your dog.

But how can you tell which toys are best?

Luckily for you, we're here with a guide to help you navigate the complex world of dog toys and choose the best toys for puppies.

Don't fancy having a breakdown in the pet aisle? Then read this post.

Consider Your Puppy's Age 

The age of your puppy will play a big role in the kind of toy you decide to buy for them.

Up until around four months of age, your puppy will still have their baby teeth, and you should choose soft rubber toys or cuddly plush toys for them to enjoy.

Once your puppy starts losing their baby teeth, they'll begin teething - and it's so crucial to pick the right toys during this stage that we've dedicated an entire section to it.

Once teething is over, your dog's jaw will be stronger and they'll be ready for the hard rubber toys and thick rope toys that would have been too solid for them previously.

Pick a Toy That Will Help Teething 

A teething puppy will find a way to chew their way through everything in the house if you let them - that's why finding the right toy is essential.

Solid rubber toys with a little give provide a good amount of relief without falling apart within seconds. They can also be frozen to help soothe your puppy's teeth and gums.

Softer rope toys are also a good candidate for freezing - just soak the rope in water then pop in the freezer for a few hours.

Plush toys are popular with most puppies, but they're not as durable as the previous options. If you do go down the plush route, don't spend a fortune, since the toy probably won't last long.

Always choose plushies made for dogs, not kids' plush toys.

Treat toys are a great way to reward your dog for playing, and discourage them from chewing furniture or household items. After all, chewing your new underpants won't reward them with a tasty treat!

Avoid Dangerous Toys

Certain toys might seem ideal for puppies but can actually cause serious harm.

Cooked bones, for example, run the risk of breaking into small, sharp pieces and damaging your dog's digestive tract or causing them to choke. Choose safe rubber bones instead.

Thin rubber squeaky toys are also risky, as large dogs can accidentally swallow them - always choose a toy that's too large for your dog to ingest.

The best toys for puppies are always 100% safe - if in doubt, don't give it to your puppy.

How To Choose The Best Toys For Puppies

Want to keep your pup safe and happy with the right toys?

Choose toys that can be frozen to help with teething, soft toys for very young puppies, and avoid any objects that could be swallowed or choked on.

Gather the right arsenal of toys, and you and your puppy will be off to a great start.



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