Baby Foot - Foot Moisturizing Mask



Get rid of those tough callouses and get yourself ready for a smooth and baby soft foot experience!

  • Made with active ingredients like Glycerin, Sodium Dodecyl Benzenesulfonate and other natural ingredients like milk extract.
  • Softens the toughest callouses for easy peeling.
  • Repairs and relieves skin dryness while keeping the feet moisturized.
  • Brightens and firms the skin making it feel delicate and smooth.


  • Wash and soak your feet in hot water then dry it after.
  • Unseal the foot mask and place them on your feet for 35-95 minutes.
  • Clean your feet afterward and make sure to wear a pair of socks to prevent the essence from drying.
  • Do not use the mask if you have cuts or wounds.


Results may vary but the recommended use is at least 2-3 pairs of Baby Toes Moisturizingzing Mask.

- Each pack contains 1 pair exfoliating mask.


  • Dead skin will start to peel off after 3 days.
  • From day 5 the peeling will become more obvious.
  • By day 7 you can now peel off the dried skin.

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