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Shape-Up™ Smart Leggings made with COSMETOTEXTILE reduces CELLULITE and TONES your skin while wearing! 

**Backed by Scientific research**


    What is the hype about the Cosmetotextile with Microencapsulation?

    Here is the gist: The smart fabric uses microencapsulation technique that slowly dissolves the natural ingredients onto the leggings that reduces cellulite and tones your skin while wearing!


    Here the science: "Microencapsulation is actually a micropackaging technique that involves the production of microcapsules which act as barrier walls of solids or liquids. The microcapsules are produced by depositing a thin polymer coating on small solid particles or liquid droplets, or on dispersions of solids in liquids. The core contents are released under controlled conditions to suit a specific purpose (Mei, 1995; Nelson, 2001; Simon, 2006)."**cited Development of Cosmetic Textiles Using Microencapsulation Technology, S.Y.Cheng et al. RJTA Vol. 12 No. 4 2008 Click here to read the research paper.


    What's so unique about Shape-UP™ Smart Leggings?

    Shape-Up™ smart leggings are made with smart fabric textiles designed to fight cellulite and tone your skin through tailored microencapsulated natural ingredients such as Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Sea Algae, and Natural Oils which dissolves by friction as you wear and releases the ingredients to instantly tone butt, stomach, shape legs, and gradually reduces cellulite as you wear it


    • BUTT Lifting Accentuates and lifts your butt into place.
    • INSTANT RESULT  The leggings will shape your body giving you the instant result!
    • REDUCES CELLULITE Shapes, tones, and reduces cellulite the longer you wear it!
    • LASTS UP TO 50 Washes! Microencapsulation technology slowly releases the natural ingredients up to 50 machine washes!
    • COMFORTABLE The most important feature!

    OK, how well does it work?

    • 91.3% of the women saw cellulite disappearing around their butt and legs
    • 90% of the women RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT
    • Lost up to 2 inches (5 cm) around hips
    • Lost up to 1 inch (2.54cm) around the waist 


    SIZE Waist(Stretch)
    S 24-28
    M 29-33
    L 32-36
    XL 35-39



    • Material: Polyester with Microencapsulation 
    • Microencapsulated Ingredients: Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Sea Algae, Natural Oils and Arginine Amino Acid
    • Machine Wash with cold or warm water less than 30 ° C.
    • Don't machine dry to prolong efficiency.


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